Youth Boffer Tournaments in the Kingdom of Caid

Running a Youth Boffer Tournament

Before the Event:

Contact the Event Autocrat several weeks before the event to confirm your plans for the event (if you do it several months in advance they will usually include your event in the Crown Prints.
Explain who you are and what you want to do. Make sure that you ask for eric space on the main tourney field.
Explain that you can wait until after the second round of heavies is completed before you start. ( I recommend that you do not hold an event unless they give you eric space.)

Arriving at the site:
Find the Site Autocrat of the Day to secure an eric and make it is on the main tourney field.
Find the List Table and ask the Listmistress if she will use one of the Boffer Sign up sheets. Each parent writes down their child's name and age on this sheet, which you use to make up the tally sheets. If this cannot be done at Lists, ask Troll/Gate.
Find the Court Herald and ask to be put on the schedule for speaking at Opening Court.
Have a plan for gifts for the winning kids, a beaded necklace, games or puzzles, Lego Castle set. You can have a candy bar or Hershey kiss for each participant. It doesn't have to be expensive, the point is to have SOMETHING!, a token.
Find a person to take pictures of the tourney, and ensure the photos get back to Bridget for the website

At Opening Court
After being called up, and begging their Majesties or Excellencies permission to speak to the Populous, announce that you are running the Youth Boffer Tournament
Point out the eric field and tell them when it will be starting
Ask for people to come help like Marshals, Fighters (who make good Boffer Marshals), Heralds, and Listmistresses.

Starting the Tournament
Ask the Field Herald to announce the Closing of Boffer List and the imminent Beginning of the Boffer Tournament all around the field.
Important tip! Do not allow anyone to play with the Official Boffer swords or equipment outside of the Tournament setting. If they want to take their own swords and go play behind the pavilions, that's great. But when they are under Official Kingdom Boffer jurisdiction, you (and the Kingdom) are responsible for them. Gently keep discipline and order!
Using the sign-up sheet, copy the names and ages to your Round Robin or Double Elimination sheets. You will need a sheet for each age group::6 and under, 7-9, 10 and up. If we have enough participants, we add a 14 or 15 and up category.

Running the Tournament
Have your Listperson figure out the bouts and inform your Herald. Assign a Marshal to each field or area.
Call all participants into the center of the eric. Have them sit down and explain the rules both to new Marshals and Children participating. Explain to them that at Closing Court that they ALL get to come up and be presented, whether or not they win. Do this quickly so you don't bore them.
Have the Parents (or Guardian) put the armor on the youngest age group first. Put the older kids to work helping marshal and herald until it is time for their bouts. One Parent or Guardian MUST be present at ALL of their child's Boffer Bouts.
Have your Herald call the Order of Combat for the first 2 participants. Walk participants to their area.
Have your Field Heralds announce each bout:
"Will Billy the Fearless and Alice of Gyldenholt arm and to the field!"
"Bow to your Noble Parents" also ensures the Parents are present when the kid fights.
"Bow to your Worthy Opponent!".
"At the Marshal's Command you may begin"
Complete the tourney for one age group before moving on to the next age group.
Invite the reigning Lady of the Field (Queen, Crown Princess, Baroness) to the final bout in each age group.
When your last bout is fought, pack up the Boffer equipment, checking to make sure it is all there.

Closing Court
Before Closing Court, ask the Court Herald to call up you and "All the Participants in the Youth Boffer Tourney". Ask the Herald to place you towards the beginning of Closing Court, as children have short attention spans. When called, have everyone who helped and participated come up to Court and kneel before Their Majesties.
Thank your helpers ("Thanks to my Marshals, Heralds and Listpersons!")
Read the winner's names one at a time. Have the Queen or Baroness hand out the prizes.
Get in, do the announcing, get out. Short and sweet!!



This page updated October 23, 2001
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