Caid Youth Combat
Battle games for kids held at SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events.
Youth Combat Tournaments in the Kingdom of Caid
    2009 Youth Combat Calendar:

    See the Kingdom of Caid Calendar page for additional information on these events

    There will be a YC Marshalling Class at Potrero War.
    • All events are standard double elimination tourney unless specifically noted.
    • An extra life will be granted for those bringing all of their own armor and weapons (except new teen divisions).
    • Names after the events are the Authoirized Youth Combat Marshals who will be running the tourney, or the YC Marshals-In-Training who will be working with an authorized Marshal to run Tourney.
    • If there are question marks, this indicates Youth Combat not yet requested and or no Marshal commited yet. Contact Teka Turmanov on these events.
    • A Youth Combat Marshal in Training may train at any event run by the Minister of Youth Combat, his/her Designated Deputy or a Senior Youth Combat Marshal.
    • Cantons and Colleges please do not take offense at you being listed under a Barony for geographical reasons.
    • If you event is not listed please contact THL Teka Turmanov.

    This page updated 07 February 2009

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